If You Are Living Alone, Let a DIY Home Automation System Live With You

A DIY home automation system is everybody’s best buddy. Home automation can make life more convenient, impress your friends, and save you money. It was once a luxury that only the wealthiest people could afford, but now it’s become something that can really save your bacon—especially if you’re living alone.

Protection and Help

life-safety-78819621Living alone can seem a peaceful prospect at times—no one to nag you about anything, no one to leave their dishes undone or their dirty clothes on the floor—but in reality tends to be pretty hard work. Sure, no one else is using all of the hot water before you can take your shower, but the truth of the matter is that no one else is paying the bills, either—you’re shouldering a lot of responsibility when you’re single and alone. You need to pay for a place to live, for utilities, for food, and for all of your other expenses by yourself. So you’re probably working a lot. Perhaps you’re in school, or trying to work your way up the ladder in a career, or active in your community. That takes time, and there’s no one else at home making sure that dinner is ready for you, that the house is clean, that the bills are getting sent out on time, that the lights are off when no one’s in a room, etc. It can be tough. If you are living alone, chances are good that you are a do-it-yourselfer by circumstance as much as by design.

So yes, a little bit of help would be welcome. If only there were some sort of an assistant robot that could take care of things while you were gone at work and at meetings… If only there were some way that the house itself could help out with things a bit….

Well, if you sympathized with any of these statements, home automation is for you. And before you laugh and say that you aren’t a millionaire, understand that you live in the age when home automation is becoming available to everyone who wants it—even DIY home automation.

878229_56431001As mentioned before, home automation systems can actually help you to save money. How? One way is by saving energy. The lightswitches and an automated thermostat can be linked to your smartphone—you know, that remote control you carry with you everywhere you go. Didn’t realize it was a remote control? Automation apps exist for every type of smartphone, giving you ways to transmit information to your home devices from anywhere—at work, under the desk at school, at the table at a dinner date… Imagine, you leave the house in the wintertime and simply tap a button on your phone that tells the house that you are leaving for the day. Automatically, all of the lights shut off and the thermostat adjusts to save energy. When you are walking out to your car after work, you tap a button to let the house know you are coming home—it raises the heat a bit and turns on the porch and hallway lights so that you have a clear entryway.

There is a virtual world of simple processes that can be automated around the house, and all of them could be controlled remotely from a smartphone or with sensors, voice recognition, or hidden buttons. The trouble with DIY automation is that it can be tricky to install and daunting to research different options. If you are already pressed for time, it is best to just use a professional home automation service. They can get the right equipment to fulfill any automation desire you have, and can install it with greater reliability than the DIY method in a fraction of the time. Most services are affordable. For more information about home alarm systems, call 866-565-4305 to talk with a professional.