A DIY Wired Home Security System is the Best DIY Security Option

1254480_84097959Many people who sleep alone at home have thought about putting together a DIY wired home security system. Just something to put the mind at ease… something to make the creaks in the house at night less scary and to keep you feeling like you would know and authorities would come to help if anything bad were happening.

A lot of do-it-yourselfers try to do home security systems without electronics or wiring. They put locks on the doors, put rods to secure windows and sliding doors in place, and hang swinging axes in the stairwell. …Ok, most people don’t have swinging axes hanging in the stairwell, but you get the idea. Physical deterrents or obstacles are the way a lot of DIY home security systems try to keep out the bad guys. And frankly, this is a lot better than having no sort of home security. It will definitely keep some types of petty criminals out of the house.

However, criminals in our day and age have come to expect things like locks and window-jams (if not swinging axes). There are ways to get through such barricades, and more often than not, there are ways to get around them.

Take windows, for example. You can put a lock on it, and you can brace it so that it can’t be opened normally. But it’s still made of glass. Short of investing in shatterproof or bulletproof glass, there isn’t much you could do to physically stop a determined criminal from breaking through a window and coming into the house.

200368224-001This is where an electronic or wired home security system is going to be the most effective home security. If a robber shatters one of your windows and immediately hears a loud alarm, he’s going to know that the police are on their way. You will know that your home is being invaded and have the chance to call the police and hide until the authorities can get there. Chances are, he will run away as soon as that alarm goes off.

Keeping with windows, there are a few ways to set up alarm systems for windows. If you want an alarm to go off if the window is opened, you can install a closed-circuit magnetic sensor on the frame of the window. Basically, one component is on the moving part of the window, and one on the immobile frame connected to the wall. Each has a magnet, and when they are separated by the window opening, the circuit is temporarily cut and an alarm is triggered.

If you want an alarm that will go off if someone tries to break their way through a window into the house, there are a couple of ways to go. A simple way is to have a security screen, or a screen that goes on the window that has some wires which are electronic and will detect if they are cut or removed from the window. Another way is to have sonic alarms that can detect the sound of breaking glass. Either way, the ill-intending visitor can’t get through the window without an alarm sounding.

As with all DIY home security, these measures rely on you being home to hear the alarm and call the police, or on the criminal running away at the sound of an alarm. If there is a more determined or more serious kind of criminal trying to break in, or if you are not home at the time, you are really going to be most secure with a professional home security service. They will not only install professional equipment, but they will monitor the alarms 24/7 and call you the moment one of them goes off. If you do not respond with a secret password only you will know, the local authorities will be contacted and sent to your location immediately. For the most secure protection, use a professional service.