Home Security Tips to Keep You Safe at Home

When you’re living alone, sometimes you wonder what would happen if someone ever broke in—here are some home security tips to give you some peace of mind. 79166715The best strategy to deal with break-ins is to do everything you can to prevent them from happening. You may be surprised to know that one of the most basic deterrents you can use to keep away the bad guys is something as simple as lights. Criminals aren’t generally brave people. Sure, they risk a lot every time they break into a house, but studies show that they are pretty skittish people. Things such as sounds and lights that may indicate that someone is home are very effective deterrents and send the majority of petty criminals running.

Security Measures You Can Take

So there are many different ways to use light as a home security measure. You may have grown up with the idea that you should turn on the porch light when you go out at night or leave town. The idea is that it might mean that you are home, and it illuminates the area around the door, in theory making anyone trying to break in less visible and deterring them from trying. However, the porch light isn’t always the best idea. As much as it illuminates the door, it can be like a signal to watchful burglars that maybe you aren’t at home. It is also pretty easy to get around if a burglar is willing to sneak through a window instead.

So a better technique is to use lights inside of the house to make it appear as though someone is at home. A light that you leave on in the TV room, for example, or in the master bedroom, might give burglars some pause as it appears that there may be someone inside. If using this technique, it is important to have shades on the windows so that light is visible but no one can look inside. One issue with this strategy of crime deterrent, though, is that if you are away for an extended period of time, it will become obvious to anyone keeping an eye on your house that the same lights are on all the time and there is no one home.

200171288-001To create the illusion that there is someone home, there is a better alternative. You can purchase timers that you can link into your lighting and plug your lamps into that will turn lights on and off on a schedule. Anyone outside will see that lights are turning on and off, making it seem as though the house is not empty. Again, though, such timers are becoming commonplace, so many criminals are wise to the fact that maybe someone’s home if lights go on and off at the same time every day. A better option, then, is one of the new random timers that turns lights on and off at random times night and day in different rooms in the house. To someone outside, such random timers leave no way to know if it is a human or a timer that is turning lights on and off.

While lamps are easy to purchase and plug into timers that in turn go into wall outlets, it may be a bit tricky to set up random timers on the wired lights throughout the house. If you want to really get the full effect of lights turning on and off at random times throughout the day and night, having timers linked to the wiring is the best way to go. Many home security services will install such timers and other, more advanced crime-stopping mechanisms at affordable rates. Such an investment is definitely worth the peace of mind you get as someone who lives alone.